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All About Kiln-Fired Glass Painting

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A 12-minute glass painting demonstration

The difference you must see and feel between glass painting and painting on paper

A case of glass painting forgery - a video demonstration

Installation in progress - a magnificent picture from the thick of things

How to remix dried-up glass paint - a video demonstration

Stained glass plating, for greater depth of colour

Glass painting with oil - a video demonstration

The Financial Times

Shading with silver stain - a step-by-step technique

How to load a kiln tray - a video demonstration

Silver stain and how to lessen its unpredictability

Mistakes on a glazing bench (not ours)

Is stained glass the ugliest art?

Leaded light designs from 1615

The 3-step approach to preparing a stained glass design that really wins the client

Stained glass drawing with nib and oil

More on silver stain and oil

Tracing with vinegar

Checklist of stained glass painting tools and materials

How to fire-polish your etching and painting 

Stained glass painting with lead-free paints


Stained glass silhouettes

Does ancient glass get thicker at the bottom?

Stained glass lettering

Gum Arabic

Shading and matting

A badly smashed stained glass crest

Stained glass paint

Who Is this Information for?

This information is excellent for you if you can answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions:

  • Are you working alone and looking for experienced glass painters who'll share techniques and knowledge with you?
  • Are you at college, needing detail plus a breadth of vision about design and technical issues?
  • Are you puzzled by the incomplete explanations you find in most glass painting books, sensing that they're leaving out the really important bits?
  • Have you seen something particular in our portfolio that you want to learn about and use in your own work?
  • Are you a beginner who wants to learn good habits right from the start?
  • Are you a stained glass maker who needs a better option than always "farming out" your repaints and small glass painting jobs to someone else? Would it be nice to be less dependent on other people here?
  • Are you a stained glass painter who wants to improve your offering? Maybe you've been making unpainted windows for quite long enough and you now need new challenges and opportunities.
  • Do you need fresh glass painting ideas and proven techniques to help your clients?
  • Do you teach glass painting and want new ideas and approaches to engage your students?
  • Or do you teach stained glass and now you also want the option of guiding your students towards glass painting?
  • Are you a studio owner who wants great reference material and tuition for yourself and your team?
  • Do you want to "turbo-charge" the time you spend in adult evening classes, and would you gain a lot from individual attention that you aren't getting in the rather busy classroom?
  • Are you a glass painter who fires your glass between each layer of paint? Would you like to know how to trace and shade and also paint with oil in a single firing? (Front and back.)

“Your willingness to share is incredibly kind”
(Jerry Thompson, Texas, US)

“Truly inspired
(Norman Walker, Deux-Sevres, France)

“Detailed and easy to follow
(Richard Bancroft, Boston, US)

If you’re serious about painting beautiful stained glass designs, do not miss what you can learn right here.


  • Why make unnecessary mistakes with badly mixed paint when you can discover how the experts mix their paint? (Hint: experts don’t mix one tablespoon at a time!)
  • Why fire your glass many times when you can find out how to paint glass in just one firing? (We sometimes paint 5 or more layers of paint, then fire our glass just once.)
  • Why paint on just one side of the glass? (Painting on the front and back creates a magical sense of depth as we will show you.)
  • You will learn how to paint on the back and front in just one firing. (Again, this is a technique which will not just save you time but also add beauty to your work.)
  • Everyone says, “Paint the trace lines first”: you will learn why everyone is wrong! You will get to paint the shadows first. Believe us, it’s astonishing. You will see this for yourself.
  • And now ... how to paint with oil on top of unfired water-based paint. (Not even Albinus Elskus explains this in his book.)

“Your methods, your simple explanations, and the wonderful follow-up service you provide are as beneficial as anything I have ever experienced in the business”
(Steven Whorl, Abell, Maryland, US)

Excellent ... sets a new standard”
(Terry Brawley, Florida, USA)

(Claude Thoraval, France)

“Such valuable information”
(Melissa Vogel, UK)

“I’m so impressed by your service”
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“I can’t thank you enough”
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“So helpful and informative
(Charlotte Pennington, Florida, USA)

“A new world has opened for me: fascinating
(Ivo de Croock, Antwerp, Belgium)

“Your step-by-step instructions are just what I need
(Linda Zorichak, Germany)

Such a great help!”
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“You are simply exquisite. Thank you so much for your wonderful activity
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Excellent work!”
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Clear and wonderful
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Impressive service and great follow-up”
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